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At the center of the AIoT paradigm

At the center of the AIoT paradigm, we offer innovative solutions that enable equipment failure prediction and remote control, and efficient parts management to maximize productivity and reduce costs.

Elevate your business to the next level with our AI and Digital Twin technologies. Don't wait, reach out now and experience a new dimension of efficiency and productivity!

IoT Data Collection

We provide end-to-end solutions from IoT modules, firmware, cloud-based IoT platforms, and
end-to-end solutions ranging from IoT modules, firmware, cloud-based IoT platforms, and
for the entire IoT industry

Digital Twin

Integrated monitoring with digital twins using AI convergence technology
system for intuitive visualization and accurate decision-making.
smart factory standard model that enables intuitive visualization and accurate decision-making

AI Analytics

Predict equipment failures with proven AI methods
* Identify causes
* Design explainable  models
* Apply the latest model

analysis technology to production processes and optimize them

Our Solution
- Visualization


Our Solution
- Fire & Safety


To speed up your business? 

By predicting equipment failures and lifecycles, IDB's product solutions minimize inefficient downtime and thus improve overall productivity, while remote management and control capabilities allow operators to view equipment status in real time and take immediate action, greatly enhancing the efficiency of the equipment management and maintenance process.
Additionally, equipment failure prediction and lifecycle allows for scheduling of parts replacement and maintenance while reducing unnecessary costs.

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